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Every day our employees are giving their upmost by executing their jobs with the greatest care. Though, in the event you would have a complaint we are more than happy to receive and deal with your comment.

We kindly ask you to fill out the form as mentioned below to inform us about the content of your complaint. After filling it out please click on the array(Send) button. Your complaint will then, under registration of a unique reference number which you will receive in direct return, be dealt with by our quality manager who will investigate the matter internally. As soon as we have investigated and dealt with the matter internally we will inform you about the outcome. Of course we will, in case your complaint is a reason for change, change our process to avoid any future complaints and to guarantee full customer satisfaction; your opinion matters !

Do you have a compliment instead of a complaint ? Of course we would like to receive your feedback in this case as well. Compliments can also be send to us through the form below. After receipt of your message we will make sure its content will be forwarded to the T-Trex BV employee(s) involved.

We would like to thank you in advance for your input and kind co-operation.

Complaints / Compliments form