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About T-Trex

T-Trex BV is located in the logistics hotspot of Venlo, the gateway to Europe.

The beating heart of our company:

  • Motivated employees with extensive experience in the logistics sector
  • Efficient and thorough internal training plan
  • Approved training company for logistics talent
  • TLN/Fenex member since 2015 to increase our know-how and achieve optimum quality
  • Short and clear communication lines, professional partner

Daily and punctual

In cooperation with our partner group, 75 trucks are available for our European transport activities. Daily departures guarantee a fast and punctual delivery of your goods. Our ingredients? Proactive information, 24/7 tracking of our cars with a GPS system, continuous contact possibilities with the drivers, and loading and unloading confirmation.

The trusted address

Whether for a single transport order, project transports, urgent transport, from 1 pallet or packages to complete shipment, ambient or refrigerated: at T-Trex BV you have come to the right address!

Insight and overview

Thanks to our many years of cooperation with a variety of major clients, our employees are, among others, familiar with common booking systems such as Transwide, Transporeon, Mercareon, TMS and SAP. This enables us to integrate your transport order(s) quickly and seamlessly into our business process.

Managing safety risks

During the transport of your goods, our lorries always use guarded parking areas. When planning the transport, any safety risks are also always taken into account. In case of a crossing by boat, all trucks will be accompanied. In this context, we never disconnect a trailer, so your goods will always reach the other side under the supervision of the driver.

Load security

Finally, our trailer park manager ensures that our trailers are equipped with all the desired and necessary cargo securing materials (both in qualitative and quantitative terms).

In short: your transport is in safe hands with us!